Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Night

Good night everyone. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and that you had the time to share it with friends and family. Holidays are bitter sweet sometimes because they seem to bring back memories of days gone by.

When my brother comes to visit we always find something that reminds us of our Mom. Today it was something funny she used to say or do, and we started to laugh. But then there always see...ms to be this mutual thing that happens between us, when we realize we don't have her here to laugh with us anymore. It's almost simultaneous...a few seconds of genuine laughter and then silence, as we both look down at the same time and say nothing. It is always that sadness that stops the laughter and fills the room with silence. And then we move on to something else quickly because we have to protect our hearts at that moment. Maybe later we'll cry.

You know someone complimented me today about how well I write about my Mom and memories past. One friend commented on the story of the pink roses I used to give her on my birthday each year. I want to share something with all of you....

I wrote that story in less than 10 minutes sitting here thinking about her birthday that day...the words came so quickly that I had to type faster than usual. It was if I was being guided to tell that story by a higher power and I just wrote what came to mind as quickly as I could. It was if my Mom that was telling you all that story and I was just typing as she put the words in my heart.

I often feel that way when I write here at Welcome Home. Sometimes I feel like I am taking dictation as I share my memories of my Mom with you. It is so spiritual and her warmth is all around me as I write about my love for her and the memories that are still so close to my heart.

I believe with all my heart...with everything in my very being... that my Mom is the creator of Welcome Home and that her spirit is so alive within me. Call me nuts ...as I am sure some will... but she fills my heart with so much love that it spills out all over this page. I believe she brought us all together here to share love and compassion and the comforts of home.

Good night every one. God Bless and sweet dreams until tomorrow. See you back here in the morning for coffee!

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