Thursday, July 10, 2014


My First tomato sandwich of the season. A fresh red, ripe, juicy tomato from my garden. Then some fresh white soft it leaves your thumbprints when you pick it up to bite it! A good slathering of Hellman's or Dukes Mayonnaise. A little salt and pepper...and you have the best food on the planet! I broke a new record today! I ate this one in 30 seconds!

It all started out with a tomato on a vine. My very first tomato of 2014. I pampered her, fed her, dusted her off when she got dirty. I stood by her through the wind and the rain. She was my first of the season and I talked to her every day. I even named her Evelyn. 

Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she 


I went outside and plucked Evelyn from the vine and brought her inside to take a picture just for you my friends!

Then I sliced her up. 

Big beautiful juicy slices of 

juicy ripe tomato!  

Somebody go get the white bread and mayo!

I mean really. Is there anything better? A big ripe juicy tomato picked fresh from the garden and sliced just thick enough to make the perfect sandwich on two slices of fresh soft white bread, slathered with Hellman's or Dukes and then sprinkled with a little salt and pepper?  

Nope!  Nothing better!  Best food on the planet!

Oh My Goodness!  My first bite of my first tomato sandwich made from my first ripe tomato that came from my garden in 2014. Evelyn is a winner!  Sweet and juicy and I enjoyed every succulent bite!  Let's have a moment of silence!
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  1. That looks delicious, I've never tried it but I will Thanks for sharing

  2. Have you tried the yellow cherry tomato called Sungold? Oh my gosh, they are so sweet! I'm going to cut up a lot of them, add some Miracle Whip, and have a tomato sandwich too!

  3. I looked forward to getting tomatoes so I can have this tomato sandwich. Don't need any bacon or lettuce! Just tomato and mayo. Ummm!!!

  4. Oh, how I remember sun-warmed tomatoes, put into a sandwich like yours. I miss having a garden.


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