Hello....we will now teach you step-by-step how to access your magazine now and whenever you want to see it.

STEP 1:  The most important step: Gmail

In order to access this private magazine blog you must have a gmail address.  If you have one already and signed up for the magazine using that gmail address, you can skip this part. If you did not sign up using a gmail address, you need to continue reading.

If you ordered your magazine using any other type email address no problem. We will be sending you an email shortly asking you for your gmail address. Just send it to us and be ready for the next steps to come.

If you do not have a gmail address, you will need to create one. The Gmail account is only for logging into the magazine. You can keep your existing email account and nothing will change about it.  To create a gmail address now, please go to: and sign up now. 
Step 2:  The Invitation

In the next few minutes, check your Gmail.  You will find  an invitation to join the magazine.  Open that g-mail and simply click ACCEPT.  It may ask you to accept again on the next page.  Go ahead and hit accept again if it asks you to.  Make sure you check under the Social Tab at the top of your page if you do not see it in your regular incoming mail.

Once you hit the ACCEPT buttons you will then be taken to the magazine for the first time. Or you the page will show you a link to click on to see the magazine.  However, this is just a temporary visit.  You will need an access link.    By the way, this is what the magazine should look like once you get there.....

Step 3:   Email from Welcome Home

Next you will receive an email from Welcome Home giving you your ACCESS link.  You will be able to click on that private link at anytime you want to access the magazine.  You should receive your private link within a few minutes of placing your order, however it may sometimes take longer.  Once you get that address link, you are all finished.  Keep that link handy. You will need it.

You will need to be logged into your g-mail to use the address link.  If you try to access it without being logged in you will be denied access.  Even if you do not use Gmail on a regular basis, you will need to use this gmail account for access to the magazine.   

Thank again for your purchase and your support for my Save A Life Program.


Once you have that part taken care of need to join the private group where you will be a part of our communications network.  We call it the Welcome Home Magazine fan club and it is where you will get all your updates and important news. It is where you can contact us if you have any problems accessing the magazine or if you have other questions.  We also give out the clues to any contest we might be having there. You will get more new recipes, tips, and other great things that compliment your new subscription.   

Click on this link and ask to join and we will be right over to let you in.  

Thank again for your purchase and your support for my Save A Life Program. Enjoy the magazine! 

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