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I am deeply grateful for any and all donations that can help support my mission here at Welcome Home. My efforts are to save the lives of dogs and cats that are being killed in shelters while waiting for a new home.  My efforts are to meet the needs of homeless individuals and to raise awareness of a much-needed cause to assist those less fortunate than others, while encouraging everyone to do their part!


The Goal:


The goal of Welcome Home is to acknowledge that no one has to live homeless on the streets due to devastating circumstances, and that people are able to receive help so that they can survive during homelessness. 


I can achieve this by working with teams of volunteers and other organizations to provide food, veterinary care, and other supplies to keep these dogs and cats safe in temporary foster homes until a permanent family is found for them. 

I have been there.  I have held a dog in the last few minutes of its life praying that someone would come to rescue her.  And when they came for her, she was excited to go with her tail wagging and her little body wiggling with anticipation that they were taking her to re-unite with her family.  Please help me stop this. Over 6 million dogs and cats will be killed this year.  We can make a difference.

The overall goal of Welcome Home is to raise awareness of this epidemic of homelessness for both my two legged and four legged friends through its webpage or blog and other social media such as Facebook.  All were created by God and none should go hungry or die needlessly because there was not enough food.  My goal is to make sure of it.  

When you donate any amount, you help me help those less fortunate.  

Some donations will go to support No Kill Shelters who work diligently to find a home for dogs and cats that are killed unnecessarily while waiting for a new home.  In the past donations have gone to Small Miracles Pet Rescue and to Fallston Animal Rescue in an effort to save these lives.  I have personally donated funds to provide basic medical care to dogs and cats.  I have purchased food and other supplies to keep them well fed and comfortable while they wait for that new home. Simple items like paper towels, vitamins and blankets can help make a difference in their lives.  


Some donations will go to support the homeless and for those less fortunate than us.  I donate to missions that feed the hungry and to shelters that give them a warm bed at night.  I give to food banks and to soup kitchens so that they might have a warm meal at least once a day. 

This past Thanksgiving your donations went to provide a holiday meal to a few families who were facing eviction and foreclosures and struggling to keep their homes.  Sometimes your donations will provide food and warm clothes to those who make their home on the street or in the woods or beneath underpasses.  If I spot them, I will feed them and bring them warm clothing to protect them against harsh weather.  Still other donations will go to local churches and food banks and missions that feed the hungry and poor.

Finally, a portion of your donations will go to sustain Welcome Home.  It takes hours and hours and hundreds of dollars each month to sustain a page and blog the size of Welcome Home. 

Keeping it a clean, ad-free reading means it needs to be subsidized by the generous support of readers like you: directly, through donations.  I created this donate button for those of you who wish to express their appreciation for my page through a donation.  


Please do not feel any obligation to make any kind of donation. However, if you do wish to contribute to the page and the cost of running it, I greatly appreciate your kindness. So if you find any joy and stimulation in it, please consider a modest donation, however much you can afford. When it comes from the heart, it’s the kind of gesture that truly leaves me humbled and appreciative.

You may donate any amount you'd like by clicking on the Donate button. Then you can choose PayPal or any major credit card. 


Remember, if you donate $25 or more you will get access to my Welcome Home Online Magazine with over 2,000 recipes.  


Thank you.

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