Friday, May 30, 2014


Good morning friends. Do you believe in miracles? I do. Mostly because I have seen so many in my own life. I am absolutely sure that God hears and answers prayers. Whether it's a whisper of a prayer from one or a gathering of prayers from many, I am certain beyond any doubt that he hears them all.

And he heard them yesterday when so many of you were praying for my little fur-baby Katie who was suffering in pain from some mysterious thing that hurt her paw last week. She came in from a quick run in the back yard and was in obvious pain. She had become lame since last week and could not bear to put any weight on her paw. It was swollen and so tender and painful and she had obviously just given up. She would not eat and slept most of the day, whimpering while she slept. Even as late as the day before yesterday, after the second visit to the Veterinarian, we had no answers.

So Tuesday morning, when the doctor still had no clue what it was or what to do for her, I reached out to all of you to ask your advice. It was breaking my heart to watch her suffer and many of you offered prayer for us both. I want you to know your prayers were heard.

Yesterday afternoon, Katie just stood up on her own and walked over to me and tapped me on the leg with her injured paw. I had to do a double take. She wanted my attention to let me know she had to go out to take a bathroom break and when I turned my chair she was walking again as if nothing was wrong. Not even a limp. She was not only walking on all fours, she was running around and wanted to play with my other fur-baby Cooper who was just as excited as I was to have her back.

Cooper has also been very worried about his best friend Kate and has tried everything to get her attention so she would get up and play with him. He has nudged her and brought her toys to play with but nothing worked. So he had also been very sad all week. But now he was so excited and running all around the house to find her toys to play with.

I tried to keep her calm and pick her up to get her off that foot, but she would have no part of it. She wanted to run and play again and I couldn't even catch her. She came back from her quick run outside and went right to her food bowl and ate her breakfast from earlier that morning. She had been so sick all week and was barely eating at all and now she was famished and ate every bite. Last night she ate her dinner and wanted more. Katie has a little pink ball that she never parts with...she carries it wherever she goes. She had given it up when she got so sick. Cooper found it and brought it to her last night.

Katie is back. There is no swelling whatsoever in her paw. There is no sign of pain. What was different in the treatment I had been giving her all last week and what the doctor prescribed on Tuesday? Nothing much...I had only given her one dose of the new anti-inflammatory medicine that replaced the one that was making her sick. That's it. So I doubt that one dose did the trick.

Her recovery was as instant and mysterious as the instant and mysterious injury that had everyone so puzzled. We will never be sure what it was that caused this injury, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God heard your prayers loud and clear yesterday and ended her pain and suffering.

Suddenly I realize that Welcome Home has more power than I could ever imagine. It has the power of love. The power of prayer. There is a source of energy here...a force so positive and so comforting that we seem to be drawn together. We come here for comfort. Whether it's food for the appetite or food for the soul, I understand why over half a million followers come here now. Welcome Home has the power of love.

Thank you all for loving me enough to pray. You have brought me great comfort and peace.....and I will always remember it.
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