Monday, December 15, 2014


Good morning friends. Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend and that you're finding the spirit of Christmas somewhere in the midst of all the commercialism out there this time of year. 

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this past weekend, cooking and baking, writing new recipes and taking photos for the new January issue of the Welcome Home Online Magazine ready for release on the first day of the year. That's where you will find all my new recipes now. Recipes I do not share anywhere else.

What is this online magazine you ask? 

Well, it's not an actual print and paper magazine that comes in the mail each month. The kind you get in your mailbox and leaf through it in a few seconds and put it away to look at later....if you ever get to it. No, this is an online blog magazine. It's a private website that you can visit as often as you like on your computer, laptop, cell phone, tablet or iPad, Kindle, Nook....whatever device you have the Internet on.

It is exclusive to only those people that subscribe to it. It is a very private website that we give you a key or link to access. You hold on to that key and it unlocks the door so you go browse through it as often as you like. Each month a new issue comes out and because you become a member of an exclusive private fan club or group, you are the first to know about it.

What's in this online magazine? 

Lots of recipes you've never seen before. Each issue is just full of great recipes I save only for this online magazine. Many are from my Mom's collection with big vibrant pictures to match every dish. I have illustrated step by step recipes and a lot of how to's along with kitchen tips and advice. You'll find contests and give a ways and even a gift shop where you can get great bargains on wonderful things.

I'm certain you'll instantly see the value that your $2 a month subscription brings. The magazine website is so private that no one can even find it out there unless you know me or know of my mission here at Welcome Home and subscribe to it. As always, some of the proceeds from The Welcome Home Kitchen Magazine will help me save the lives of dogs and cats who are killed unnecessarily while waiting in Kill shelters for someone to come and adopt them. And some of the proceeds will help me feed the homeless.

If you haven't subscribed yet, you really should. It is a great way to help those in need and in return you get so much. Not only the satisfaction of knowing you have saved a life but you get great recipes too! 

So I'm off to finish writing recipes for those great Peach Thumb print cookies and Chocolate Macaroons I made yesterday and that gorgeous Cheesy pasta dish I made the day before. There are some really good recipes in this next issue and there is so much left to do to get it ready for January 1st. Remember the second you subscribe, you'll have instant access to all the past issues too. You'll find over 150 recipes and tips so far.

How do you subscribe?

IMPORTANT:  First set up a Gmail account.  You can keep the email address and account you have now.  This gmail account is just your key to the magazine.

Step 1If you do not already have a free gmail address, you want to create one first. This is the most important step.  You do NOT have to change your existing email address. What you have now can stay the same. You just need to create a new Gmail account to access the magazine IF you do not already have one.Get paper and pen so you can remember what username and password you choose and then go to this link and create a new Gmail address:

Again, you can keep your same email address to use as you always have. This is Gmail address is just the key to get to the magazine.

Step 2:   At the top of this page, under the cover photo collage, click on the tab that says, MY STORE. Or click on this link:

Step 3:   Click on the little tab that says BUY FROM 2CO

Step 4: Enter your name and your new Gmail address and your other information and then go to the next step. Enter your payment information for the $24 annual subscription. You can choose a credit card you'd like to use or you can click on PayPal.  If you do not want to use either method, contact me at and we can make other arrangements.  Please rest assured that this is the safest online payment processing system online today.  No need to worry.

Step 5: Complete your order and within seconds you will receive a receipt and email confirmation at the Gmail address you created and typed in when you were ordering.

Step 6. Within a few minutes, as soon as I get your purchase confirmation, I will send you an invitation to become a private member of The Welcome Home Kitchen to your new Gmail address. Click on the orange button that says ACCEPT.  You must still stay logged into your gmail account when you go to the magazine.  Then you will be directed to the link of the new magazine. And you're all set.

Step 7:  Each month....around the 1st of the month, you will be notified that a new issue has just been released. You will always have access to all past issues just by visiting and each month will shown so you can go back and find whatever you are looking for.  The announcement will come to you in the exclusive group that you will be a member of called The Welcome Home Magazine Fan Club.

OR you can contact us and we will help you get there in seconds.....

You can send a message through the contact box on the right margin of this page.

OR you can message us through Facebook at

Or you can email us at the Welcome Home gmail address at:
You can email us at 

We will walk you through step by step to get you in the magazine!
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