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I am not or never will be a professional blogger. I do not earn a living from blogging. 

The blog was created for you.  Welcome Home will be 10 years old this month.  It all started just after my Mom moved to Heaven and I was left with so much grief that I needed an outlet to express how I felt.  It was a personal diary of sorts where I could share my inner most thoughts and hopefully help others that might be struggling.   












I had no idea what a blog was.  I just knew I wanted to preserve my Mom’s memory. She left me her box of recipes that dated back to when I was only 8 years old and decided to teach me how to cook. Each card always included her hand written “love notes” on the back,along with her memory of how much fun we had making that particular recipe.  I wanted a safe place to store them.  I wanted a diary of those memories that I could go to whenever I needed her. 

Those times were so much more than cooking.  It was our time together enjoying each other's company. It was about sharing the unconditional love we had for each other.  Those times were about teaching me about love and life. They were about sharing her wisdom and strength. It was about making me feel loved beyond any love I would ever feel again in my lifetime.  It was about sharing her life, knowing that someday I would then know how to handle mine.













But back to my point of not being a professional blogger.  When I started the blog I was approached by advertisers and groups that wanted to display advertising through pop up ads and streaming advertising media in exchange for paying me commissions and/or supplying me with free product.  You might see blogs out there that are so covered in ads and commercial videos and other media that often make it difficult to even read the content or recipes.  You won’t find that on my blog.  


I tried it once in the beginning but it felt wrong and not at all what it was all about. It felt cheesy and not in line with the purpose of my blog.  Don’t get me wrong…. Blogging for money was tempting to say the least.  There are bloggers out there that make a nice living posting recipes and other content.  But this wasn’t about making money.  This blog would be different...It would be about saving lives.









I knew from the beginning that my followers didn’t want to see ads all over my pages. They wanted to hear my heart, share my recipes, appreciate my photography and read my stories without interruption. Ads had nothing to do with my intent and purpose. Advertising felt like the wrong thing to do…I decided that this blog would have none of that. Instead, I decided to ask for your support and donations to keep it running.


Let’s face it….life has taken a sharp and turn and running a food blog is very expensive.  Things aren’t the same as they were 10 years ago. Not even close.  Donations to support the blog are few and far between and trying to make it work has become so expensive that I am struggling to make it work. It’s not easy to buy the ingredients to make the food that I can share with you.  I need your support to keep it running. 













Why not just shut it all down you ask?  I mean, if I can’t afford to keep a blog going then why do it?  Because I am not a quitter.  Because my Mom would have wanted me to keep going no matter what I had to do.  Because blogging allows me to help the homeless, both two legged and four legged.  














My heart feels good about sharing my Mom’s life and her wisdom and if I can help one person get through one struggle in life then I have done what I set out to do. If I can save the life of a dog or cat who might not have gotten adopted in time, then my work is done.  If I can buy diapers for a family that can’t make it or buy blankets and shoes for someone homeless than I am fulfilled. If I can bring a family together at a Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday meal, then better for me to struggle than them.











This blog was created for you.  I am not or never will be a professional blogger. I do not earn a living from blogging.  I need your help.  I can’t keep it going without your help.  I need your support through donations. Doesn’t matter how much…every single dollar helps.  It helps when you buy a $5.00 E-book or by subscribing to my online cooking magazine.  


Thank you in advance for your kindness and support.




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