Her heart is like her garden,

Old fashioned, quaint and sweet,
A wealth of beautiful blossoms,
And there a quiet retreat.

Sweet violets are in hiding,
We know as we pass by,
And lilies, pure as angel thoughts,
Are opening somewhere nigh.

Forget-me-nots there linger,
To full perfection brought,
And a bloom of purple pansies
In many a tender thought.

And in that quiet garden -
The garden of her heart -
Songbirds are always singing
Their songs of cheer apart.

And from it floats forever,
overcoming grief and strife,
Sweet as the breath of roses blown,
the fragrance of her life.

~ Alice E. Allen



Photos from my Garden

My Garden Gate

Beautiful Tiger Swallow Tail on Pink Butterfly Bush
Yellow Morning Rose
Early Morning Butterfly on Zinnias
Summer Daisies
Yellow Zinnia

Supper time!  Momma Sparrow bringing home dinner.

Beautiful Morning Dove
Purple and white Bearded Iris
This is garden Box Turtle.

A Sparrow with dinner for her babies.


Beautiful yellow Dahlia

Allium.....also called Wild Onions
A mix in my cone flowers and hosta.

Johnny Jump Ups! 
Pink and white Peony with some morning visitors!

Pink Clematis among Azaleas


Pink Cleome 

Beautiful Black Eyed Susan

Balloon Flower
Christmas Cactus
Beautiful Peony
A patch of Shasta Daisies
Purple Cone Flower

Yellow Zinnia

Beautiful Hydrangea

Bright yellow Lantana in Bloom

Pink Dahlia

Maryland Black Eyed Susans

Black Eyed Susan

White Peony with red fringe 

Striking Coleus mixed with pink begonias 
A wonderful little Columbine

Black Eyed Susan in full bloom
Gorgeous Pink Dahlia 

Pink Hydrangeas
Monarda or Pink Bee Balm

Giant Dahlia
Purple Tulip Peony
Pink Day Lilly

African Daisy

Pink Balloon Flower

And she thought I couldn't get in here! 

Tiger Swallow Tail 

Bright yellow Zinia

A group of friends gathering for dinner.  Tiger Swallow Tails.

Purple Balloon flowers in stages of bloom

Beautiful Yellow Finch in Pear Tree

Gorgeous Tiger Swallow Tail

Silver Skipper 

My outdoor cat, Squeak, taking in some sun.

A snow bird or Junco

Squeak in the garden

A Mocking Bird comes to call.

My Mom's Garden fountain

Beautiful pink Verbenia

My yellow and pink Orchid

My Boganvillea Tree

Purple Balloon Flowers ready to open

A true sign of Spring and Summer.....Shasta Daisies.

Climbing Clematis

A close up of a bright yellow Tiger Swallow Tail.

Day Lilly

Yellow Canna Lilly 

Tiger Swallow Tail 

Bright yellow Tiger Swallow Tail on pink rose bud.

Shasta Daisy

My favorite Peony

Red Spotted Purple Butterfly

Balloon Flower

Million Bells


Tiger Swallow Tail


Yellow Orchid

A weed in my garden

Pink Orchid

Million Bells

Lantana Flower in yellow


Mexican Roses....Portulaca 

Beautiful Orchid
Early Morning Stretch

Pink Portulaca

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