Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Rose's Pie Plate

I love this beautiful pie plate because not only is it pretty, it is functional for those of us who aren't very good at making fluted edges for our homemade pies.

It has deeply fluted edges making it easy to create a fluted border simply b...y pressing the dough into the fluting. It's an award winning pie plate made of ceramic with that fluted edge that creates a beautifully scalloped pie crust. It's made of high fired ceramic with a scratch free glaze so it's broiler, oven and dishwasher safe. It comes in sage green, bayberry blue and red (as shown)

Click on this link to purchase and remember the proceeds from anything you buy here at Welcome Home, goes to the NO KILL Advocacy Group to save the lives of dogs and cats who are killed unnecessarily while waiting for their forever homes. Click on this link for price and availability.....

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