Tuesday, September 03, 2013

♥ The Simple Things

The Simple Things

Yesterday I went to a flea market and a thrift store looking for some dishes for my photo shots. I normally  am not into that sort of thing but yesterday I found some really pretty dishes and bowls to use when I take my... food photos in the future. While I was at the thrift store, a dear sweet little lady, well into her late 80's, asked me if I could tell her the price of something because her eyes were failing her.

She handed me this tiny little tea cup and saucer. She was just so fascinated by it and could not stop looking at it. She kept saying how lovely it was and how she so loved it and could not get over how delicate and fragile it was. She was even near giggling at one point as she picked it up and admired it.

I carefully took the cup and saucer from her frail hands and looked on the bottom and saw that it was marked $8.00. I told her that the markings on the bottom said it was by an artist named Allyn Nelson and that it was made of bone china and from England. She said, "Oh my, no wonder it is so beautiful." She thanked me for my help and with her shaking hands she took it and put it back on the shelf never taking her eyes off it. She stood there for another minute admiring it and finally let out a big sigh and walked away.

I immediately knew I had to buy it for her. She had touched my heart profoundly in those few moments. I knew she loved it and wanted it, but for whatever reason she decided against it. Maybe because her money was now meant for her medications or for food and housing and not for things that brought her pleasure anymore.

Just a few seconds later, I saw a woman approach her and tell her it was almost time to go and they began walking toward the front of the store, but still stopping to look at things on the way out. So I hurried up to the counter as I looked over my shoulder to make sure they were still there. With cup and saucer in hand, I told the clerk I was in a hurry and what my intentions were, so she quickly rang it up and wrapped it carefully.

I then went to search for this dear lady so that I could present my gift to her. I was so excited about seeing her face when I told her it was hers to enjoy. But the beautiful lady was gone. I searched the entire store looking for her and could not find her anywhere. Two of the cashiers even helped me search the store but we couldn't find her.

What was so odd was that in order to leave the store, she would have had to walk right by us. No one saw her leave. It had taken me all of 3 minutes to pay for it and get it wrapped and now I stood there thinking maybe these two store employees thought I might be delusional. I stood there shaking my head and wondering how it could be that no one saw her leave. Actually no one saw her come in either and if I didn't have the actual cup and saucer here in my possession, I might be thinking it was all a dream.

I am still shaking my head about it all today. I know it was real because I have this little cup and saucer to tell me it really happened. Maybe it was a reminder that I can do more to help those who can't enjoy the simple things in life anymore. I'm not sure what the significance our brief meeting had...all I know is that she instantly touched my heart, opened my eyes, and made me want to do more.

I felt so terrible all day yesterday....I wanted so much for her to have it. Here is a photo of the little tea cup and saucer that will forever remind me of this beautiful little lady and every other precious senior out there that still wants pretty things but just can't afford them. I have now made a new promise to myself that I will do my part to make sure that more can afford the simple little things that might bring them such joy.


Photograph property of ©Welcome Home 2013
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