Wednesday, December 18, 2013

♥ The IPrep

For all you out there that have purchased my Cookbook in ebook for your Tablets and iPads....this is gift to give with it!

It works with Kindles, iPad and Tablets are ideal companions in the kitchen because they make it easy to follow a recipe online, watch a cooking show, plan a meal or view images of finished dishes. The challenge is keeping your tablet safe and clean while you slice, dice, mix, measure and stir.

The iPrep was designed to securely bring your tablet into the kitchen and fits all popular tablets: iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy and more. It's an adjustable stand that will hold your tablet upright in portrait or landscape position, for easy viewing.

The base is weighted for stability and the back is adjustable and offers four usable viewing angles. The back features a non-slip rubber grip to hold the tablet in place. An integrated stylus pen fits neatly into the base and is ideal for keeping the screen clean from messy hands. When not in use, the iPrep folds flat and for convenient storage. Only $29.99 while supplies last.

And the best part is that it is from Amazon through Welcome Home where the proceeds go to support NO KILL Advocacy Group who are out there everyday saving the lives of dogs and cats who are killed unnecessarily while waiting in shelters for a new forever home. What a great gift that will support a great cause. 

  If you TRY PRIME for just 2 week, you will get free two day shipping to anywhere in the US so you will have it there in time for Christmas. Then if you choose not to keep Prime, just cancel it and you won't be charged for trying it. A great way to shop online and get free 2 day express shipping! 

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