Saturday, February 08, 2014

I miss my Mom today.

I miss my Mom today. I can't help it. These feelings hit me in waves and when I least expect them. It seems I'm at the mercy of whatever brings them on. It doesn't take much. They come when I see her favorite flower, or when I hear her favorite song. They come when I remember something she said to bring my spirits up when I was feeling low.

They come when I smell her favorite perfume or when I make one of her favorite recipes. They can come on suddenly with the change of a season or when it rains or snows or even on a bright sunny day.

There is no warning....they just come over me and take my breath away. The sadness is so overwhelming at times and when I am so low and feel I can't go on another second without her, I pick myself back up and say these words out loud....

You can shed tears because she's gone.....or you can smile because she lived in this world and left so many wonderful memories for all those that knew and loved her.

You can close your eyes and pray with all your heart that she'll come back.... or you can open your eyes and see everything she left in your heart to keep forever.

You can allow your heart to be empty..... or you can allow it to overflow with all the love she gave you and then go out and share it with others.

You can remember only that she's gone forever.... or you can keep her memory alive with the things you do in her honor.

You can feel lost because you can't see her or touch her or feel her hand holding yours..... or you can feel the comfort in knowing she's right beside you and has been there all along.

You can cry and feel empty without her.....or you can smile and listen closely to hear her telling you....."Smile baby girl. Open your eyes. Be in love with life. Be happy and go on, knowing that I'll always love you and that I'm right here next to you."

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  1. The one-year anniversary of my mom's passing is this coming Tuesday. What you wrote here is exactly how I have felt for the past year. Sometimes blindsided by grief, sometimes comforted. My condolences to you on your loss.

  2. I miss my mom when home made biscuits are baking or I smell fresh roses in a vase.


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