Monday, February 10, 2014

Support For Animal Rights

I want to thank those of you so far, who have purchased my newest cookbook and have helped me support a cause that means so much to me. Most of you know that I put a lot of time and effort into writing and publishing cookbooks so that I can help support Animal Rights here in this country.

I made a commitment a long time ago to support various No Kill groups in their efforts to save the lives of dogs and cats who are killed unnecessarily while waiting for a new home. I definitely need your help as do our furbabies out there who do not have a voice and cannot defend themselves. I speak for them here and YOU speak for them by purchasing anything here at Welcome Home. This page can be quite expensive with all the cooking I do and sending out free recipes to all my friends and followers. I can really use your help so that I can continue to support my cause through this page.

You might ask what is done with the money that goes to these No Kill groups. Let me make something perfectly clear.... I do not support these big agencies like the SPCA or Humane Society or the NO KILL Advocacy Center. I make sure every penny goes directly for the care of dogs and cats and not for other expenses that these big agencies incur. I need to personally see where your money goes and what it is used for. I DO NOT want to make donations to big agencies for their marketing campaigns or for fund raising or their administrative costs.

While I support various No Kill Advocacy groups, I DO NOT support the large agency called the NO KILL Advocacy CENTER or any other large agency with NO KILL in it's name. I DO support smaller groups for Animal Rights and various No Kill groups and I make sure that every single penny goes to making sure these babies are fed, and sheltered and given blankets, toys and healthcare.

I make sure the money goes for spaying and neutering and vaccinations and getting them ready for their new foster or permanent homes. I do this by always pre-paying for veterinary care and buying gift cards from Petsmart and Petco or other retailers that are near the shelters. This way I am certain that my donation goes entirely to feed and shelter and get medical care for dogs and cats and not for marketing, advertising and fund raising.

Don't get me wrong, a big agency like the No Kill Advocacy Center is working hard for animal rights, but they focus exclusively on institutional reform of shelters through legislation, litigation, and similar strategies. They only accept credit card or Paypal or check donations and would not be interested in the format I choose. I do encourage you to continue to support their efforts as they need our help at a higher level. I just advise you to be careful that you are not in anyway funding any agencies that are still funding Kill shelters. Do your homework before you donate to any animal rights organization.

With that being said, I want you to know that your donation is well spent and I have seen many dogs and cats go to a good home. If you have not read some of the stories I have shared here at Welcome Home, I encourage you to do A search and read about my brother's adoption of Casey or my friend's adoption of Glory.
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