Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Power Of Prayer

You know, they say that hope and faith is everything. It is our foundation and what keeps us going when we have to weather a storm that we feel is so huge we can't possibly survive. Sometimes when the storm is too much for us to bear, we lose sight of the hope and faith that will pull us through.

Those are the times that we need to go to God and ask him to help us find it. And it is then that you realize how helpless you really are. It is then that we are reminded that we are talking to the almighty. The all powerful. The alpha and omega. The one that created oceans and mountains and all of life. He is the creator of you and all that is around you. He is the beginning and the end. He is the very hope and faith that has taken us through every storm. There is nothing he can't do. There is no storm so big he can't handle. He is the hope and faith that carries us through.

I need hope and faith right now. I need a miracle. I need your prayers more than ever. I need one huge circle of prayer to get me through a massive storm and I am asking all of you to talk to God with me. I know he heard your prayers before. I know he listened and performed a miracle right here at Welcome Home that we still don't understand when Katie got so sick the last time and prayers brought her out of it with no explanation. So I know he heard all of you.

My Storm....

My little Katie, has been given only about a year to live. We knew all along she had a small heart murmur but have been told for years not to worry as it is something that is common in dogs. We would watch it closely and make sure that it never caused any problems. Never once did anyone suggest we find out what caused it. Until yesterday. When she started breathing so hard and could not make it up the stairs. I took her to the vet immediately and they ran tests. And these words .... "Heart disease. Dangerously enlarged. Irreversible damage, about one year to live if we work hard at prolonging her life with medications."

Those words will not leave my mind. They will not let me sleep or eat or function as a normal human being. They play over and over again in my head and I can't get rid of them. I am in complete shock. A train hit me head on when I didn't see it coming. They came out of nowhere and they won't leave me alone. They are swallowing up all my hope and faith and killing my very soul. To say devastated is an under statement right now. She is my life and my joy. She is my only family. My love and my soul mate. She is my life.

And I am weak. I need hope and faith and love and comfort and all that goes with the armor to weather a storm this large. But most of all I need your prayers for a miracle. I know it is possible. I witnessed it just in May of this year when Katie couldn't walk and no one knew why. We watched her get up one morning and run and play when none of the doctors could figure it all out. We called it a Welcome Home miracle. And that is what I am asking for again.

Please pray for me and my baby girl, Katie. You all know her from here at Welcome Home. And if you know me you know she is my life and my everything. I need hope in knowing Katie will be okay and God can carry us both through this storm. And I need faith to know he will. I need to be reminded doctors don't know everything....but God does. And God can move mountains.

And when he hears all our prayers for this precious little girl and a woman who loves her more than life, he will.
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