Monday, December 04, 2017

♥ Potato Candy

I can still remember my Mom making these when I was little. We couldn't really afford a lot just after my dad died so she did the best she could.

I used to think she could do magic when she made something so incredibly good out of mashed potatoes. We loved this candy growing up. Who out there remembers this old fashioned candy with the surprise ingredients of Potatoes and Peanut Butter?   

Potato Candy

1/3 cup mashed potato (from 1 potato)
2 tablespoons half and half or milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Dash salt
4-6 cups confectioner’s sugar
Peanut butter

Boil or microwave potato until it is soft. Remove and discard skin, mash (do not add anything) and cool completely. When cool, measure potato and add to a mixing bowl.

Add half and half or milk, vanilla, dash of salt, and 2 cups confectioner’s sugar. Mix well using an electric mixer on low speed. Add 2 more cups confectioner’s sugar, mixing well. It should resemble dough. Add more sugar by tablespoonfuls if dough seems too wet or sticky. (I ended up using 1 pound plus ¾ cup confectioner’s sugar in mine. Split dough into quarters, so it is easier to work with.

Dust a board with confectioner’s sugar and roll out a piece of potato-sugar dough until it is roughly square or rectangular, and about ¼-inch thick. Spread one side with peanut butter. Roll dough into logs. Repeat with the others.

Refrigerate rolls, tightly covered, for about 1 hour. Remove from refrigerator and slice roll into pinwheels. Serve immediately, or return slices to refrigerator until you are ready to serve them. Cover tightly because they can dry out.

NOTE: Use real potatoes and not instant mashed potatoes, which are too wet and won't work as well.
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