Monday, January 10, 2022



I have always cooked a lot with fresh herbs and I found them to be very expensive and hard to keep fresh. So last month I bought this Aerogarden so that I could grow my own. It came with little seed pods for basil, dill and oregano and all I had to do was add some water to the little tank and put the seed pods in the water. Turn on the grow light and within days they began to sprout! I was so excited! They grew very quickly and so I moved them to this little pots on my window sill so I could have fresh herbs whenever I want them. I just snip off what I need and they continue to grow.
But I wanted more herbs.... so I ordered more little seed pods. This time I got Rosemary, parsley, and cilantro. Now they are sprouting! I do nothing....other than put a few drops of plant food in the water once a week. And Voila I have herbs. So today I bought another Areogarden and I plan to plant more herbs and lettuce! 
Love this little gadget. Its on sale this week at Amazon so I just bought another one!  If you want one, please click on this link and you can use the Welcome Home code that helps me feed the homeless, both four legged and two.

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