Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pay It Forward

Good morning friends. I want to share a pay it forward story with you today.

There was a woman and her little girl at a check out line at a local supermarket here in town. The clerk had totaled up her grocery bill for the food she had already bagged and with her hands on her hips and a judgmental smirk on her face, she was impatiently waiting for the rest of the balance to be paid.

A stranger, who was standing nearby, was watching as the woman dug through her purse and her pockets nervously searching for any left over cash or change or food stamps that might finish paying the balance the clerk so loudly stated that she still needed to pay. The woman continued to say how sorry she was for thinking the total would be less and for holding up the line, but the clerk continued to tap her fingers on the counter and roll her eyes so the other customers in line could see her frustration. The young woman began to cry and asked if she could go through the bags and return a few things that would have to wait until next month.

At that point her little girl looked up at her Mother and touched her cheek to wipe away a tear. "Please Mommy, don't cry, I have some money." The little girl reached in her little pink vinyl purse and attempted to hand the irritated store clerk several sheets of play money. She looked at the clerk and said, "Take this money and keep the change. My Mommy is sad and I need to get her home."

The clerk completely ignored the little girl and yelled out for someone to call a Manager. People in line began shaking their heads and going to other check out lines to pay for their items. The stranger saw all of this and went to find that Manager. They stepped aside and chatted briefly and then walked back to the manager's office.

In a few moments an announcement was made over the loud speaker for a stock clerk to go to checkout line 10 to assist a customer. When the young man reached the woman and her little girl, he asked her if he could help her load her groceries into her car. The young mother said, "We have a problem, because I was unable to finish paying for my items."

The young man shook his head and immediately said, "no Ma'am, your daughter more than covered the remaining balance. You even have some change coming your way."

He then proceeded to count out $500 in store credit vouchers for future purchases. The woman looked at him in disbelief and began to cry. She then followed the young man out to her car. The stranger continued to look on as the manager relieved the cashier of her duties for the day.

The stranger smiled and remembered a quote that she had read at some time in her life. It said, "I learned not give because I have much....but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing."

Pay it forward my friends. The feeling that you will walk away with is incredible. The stranger was me this morning and I cannot even describe how it felt to see that little girl's face as she comforted her Mother and told her it would be okay. I found more joy in that single moment that I have found in the last year.

Pay it forward today my friend.... it doesn't have to be with Mom used to say, "Smile at a stranger today or say something nice. You just never know when something you say or do might fit perfectly in the empty space of someone's heart."
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  1. This post made me cry. I wish more people could be more understanding and loving to their fellow human beings. Bless you for what you did. You just earned another star in your crown!


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