Thursday, October 23, 2014

John and Honey

This is my friend John and his dog Honey. They live on the streets and in the woods and depend on me to bring them warm blankets and food. For those of you who say you can't afford it or for those that look the other way when I ask you to reach in your pocket and pay $2 a month for a magazine full of wonderful recipes....please take a long look at this picture and ask yourself why you look the other way.

I am on a mission. Please take a long hard look at this photo again. It should be very hard for anyone to look at that photo and feel anything but absolute sorrow for another human being that is suffering so much. This is not a drunk or addict. This is a person who lost his job after falling off a ladder and breaking his back and then watching his life crumble around him as he lost his home, family and all he had to pay medical bills and rehab costs so that he could one day walk again.

This post is about my mission to help those less fortunate. This isn't about trying to make other people feel uncomfortable....It's about waking people up and asking them to stop looking the other way. I don’t particularly enjoy begging. As a matter of fact I hate it and it makes me feel very uncomfortable...especially when angry people start throwing insults my way. But God helps me put things in perspective and realize that there are so many out there that begging for their lives and my discomfort can’t even come close in comparison. So if my begging is what it takes, then so be it.

This is not a controversial issue. Please let’s not make it one. This is not about your feelings or anyone else’s. I am not here to hurt anyone. I am on a mission and I have a lot of work to do in making sure that John and Honey and others like them have food and warm clothes this winter. I have a lot of dogs and cats to save. I have done all I can to make it easier to help others but I truly understand if $5 a month still might be too much for some. I have asked that people send me a private message if they truly want to help but can’t. 

People like John and his dog Honey, depend on me for life. The Volunteers from No Kill Groups that rescue dogs and cats from being killed in shelters depend on me to help them buy food, and toys and blankets and veterinary care so that these dogs and cats can live.

Some people depend on me for other things .... like bringing them free recipes and my not saying anything when they turn their heads and look the other way when I ask for help. They take and give nothing in return. But I do have Angels at Welcome Home that support my efforts and give to help me help others. Not because they have much....but because they know what it's like to have nothing.

Which group do you belong to?

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