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Printing recipes at Welcome Home
I can't tell you how many complaints I receive each day about not being able to print recipes from my blog. Just about as many as I receive about why my photographs are copyrighted and why can't people take them and claim them as their own. First let's address the issue with printing. Who says you can't Print?
YOU CAN PRINT RECIPES! And it's really simple.
1. Go to the recipe you want to print. Click on the title of that recipe. That will take you to the recipe.
2. Click on green PRINT FRIENDLY button at the bottom of the recipe. That will take you to the print page.
3. Go to the top and you will see two boxes on the right. One has a the letter T and percentage sign.... that stands for how much TEXT you want to print. If you only want text and no pictures, make that box 100%.
4. The next box has a Photograph icon. Make that box 0%. That means you do not want to print out photographs that use a lot of paper.
5. Then hit print. That will take you to your own Printer page so that you can make the exact amount of copies or size, etc.
6. You can also email the recipe to yourself or make a PDF file to download to your computer.
7. It's just that simple.
Why do I put copyrights and watermarks on my photos which make it illegal for people to take my photographs and claim them as their own? For just that reason. People steal my photos all the time and give me no credit for my work. I find my photographs a lot on the Internet from people who say they own it. Share the photograph on Facebook by clicking on the share button back to your page if you like. Share it with a friend or message it. But do not just steal my work and claim it. It's illegal.

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